Hello, my name is Destiny, welcome to my modeling fan site. It wasn't an easy decision to take up modeling at the age of fifty, but I have to say, the response I have received so far to my photo shoots has been amazing and incredibly motivating. I have taken on this challenge with everything I have and establishing this fan site is my way of bringing all my new found friends and supporters along with me on this exciting journey.

   Your many comments on my posts on the Great Model Search Daily Photoblog and on my facebook and tagged profiles has been very important to me and I wanted to say thank you by making this place available to you. Here you will see photos you will never see on tagged or facebook, and we can get to know each other. I have my own chat room and I will be spend a number of hours here every day to chat with you, my closest friends and followers.

   And there are other features coming soon, including my Private Photo Gallery where, with a password you can get only from me, you will see my most intimate shots.

   I, and the entire Great Model Search team, I will be making public appearances and doing promotions and group public photo shoots and whenever we are appear in public, you will get advanced notice here. The GMS team will also be holding a series of "Meet & Greet" opportunities at various public locations around southern California where we can finally all meet in person and I hope all of you will take advantage of these opportunities.

   But for now, thank you for all of your support and please keep it up. I am always interested in your feedback and opinions so use my voicemail or email to let me know what you think. And please register so I can send you little tokens of my appreciation that only my registered friends receive.

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December 9, 1961


model, entertainer

5' 5"










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camping, jst skiing




Chocolate mousse


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